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Frequently asked questions


Can I send a moped by bus?

No, because Matkahuolto does not carry motor vehicles. 

Can I take a parcel directly to a bus at a bus stop?

No, but you can hand it over at any Matkahuolto outlet.

How much does it cost to send a bicycle?

The freight for bicycles is determined according to the standard rate for 55 kg irrespective of size.  

I’m about to send four car tyres. How should they be packed and how is the price of transport determined?

Each tyre must be individually wrapped in plastic or packed in tyre bags sold by Matkahuolto. If the tyres include wheel rims, they have to be protected by taping a cardboard sheet over the rims before the tyres are inserted into bags. Spiked wheels must be completely wrapped in cardboard. Price is 59,90 €.

Can I send items ‘Cash On Delivery (COD)’?

Yes. A special charge is made for Cash On Delivery consignments in addition to the normal transport rate. 

How big or heavy can the parcel be?

A parcel may not weigh more than 55 kg and its maximum size 150x70x80 cm or 300x40x40 cm.

Does the distance affect the price of transport?


Do Matkahuolto buses carry animals?

Matkahuolto does not carry unaccompanied live animals, except live insects, larvae and worms used as fishing baits; and live crayfish during the crayfish season. For detailed instructions for the carriage of animals, see Animal transports

Are there any special instructions regarding the carriage of foodstuffs?

It is advisable to send perishable foods as Express Parcels. Then the consignor will know the exact time of arrival of the parcel at its destination.

Does Matkahuolto offer refrigerated or high-temperature transport services?

Matkahuolto does not have refrigerated or high-temperature transport units, nor facilities for the refrigerated or high-temperature storage of parcels.

What’s the difference between BusParcel and Express Parcel?

On direct routes, the transport time for BusParcels is 24 hours, plus 12 hours for each change of buses. Express Parcels are carried by the first available bus or by a bus selected by the consignor. The specified delivery time shall not include any red-letter day, May Day, Independence Day, or any Saturday.

Can I pay for the transport with a credit card?

Yes. Matkahuolto accepts cash, debit/credit cards, charge cards, Visa electron and the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard and Eurocard. Methods of payment accepted by Matkahuolto’s agents and pick-up points vary according to the agent and pick-up point.

Does the transport charge include any insurance? If not, can I get it from Matkahuolto?

The transport charge does not include insurance. You can buy an additional insurance coverage up to € 1,700 from Matkahuolto.

Do Matkahuolto busses carry furniture, e.g. sofas?

The maximum weight of parcels is 55 kg and maximum size 150x70x80cm or 300x40x40cm, which excludes large pieces of furniture, such as sofas, dining tables, etc. 

Must every consignment be paid for by the consigner?

BusParcels can be paid by either the consignor or the consignee. The price charged for Near, Delivery and Express Parcels is always paid by the consignor.

I sent a parcel Cash On Delivery (COD). How long will it take for the money to be credited to my account?

It takes four workdays to credit your account. 

I heard that parcels can be sent to retail stores. What retail stores accept parcel deliveries?

Near Parcels can be sent to any Matkahuolto outlet or a Matkahuotlo pick-up point.

The door of my local K-Market displays a Matkahuolto label and a PostNord label. What is PostNord?

PostNord MyPack is a consumer parcel service directed for customers of mail-order and online stores in Nordic Countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark). In Finland, PostNord MyPack parcels can be delivered to any of Matkahuolto’s 1,400 outlets and pick-up point.


Why does Track & Trace only show the consignment but no events?

The parcel has been handed over to Matkahuolto but it has not yet been loaded for transport.

What does ’Jakelussa/jaettu’ (Being distributed/distributed) in the Track & Trace system mean? Will there be an additional entry indicating handover?

‘Jakelussa/jaettu' means that the parcel will be delivered to the consignee during that day. No special entry indicating the time of handover will be provided. 

Track & Trace shows that the parcel has been en route for over 24 hours. Why has it not arrived yet?

Most likely the parcel has been sent to a location with no direct bus connection. If so, the transport time is 24 hours, plus 12 hours for each change of buses. The specified delivery time shall not include any red-letter day, May Day, Independence Day, or any Saturday.  

I’m not sure if my parcel will arrive in the nearest Matkahuolto outlet or a retail store of Suomen Lähikauppa Oy. Does Track & Trace show the pick-up point?

Track & Trace shows the parcel destination if it has been addressed to Matkahuolto. If the parcel is a MyPack or Near Parcel and the destination indicated by the consigner is a retail store of Suomen Lähikauppa Oy, the final destination is shown at the line “Noutopiste”. In this case destination (määräpaikka) shows the Matkahuolto office delivering the parcel to the store indicated in the parcel label . You can pick up the parcel when there is a date and time at the line “Noutopisteen tiedot”. 

I’ve sent a parcel to Sweden. Can I track it via Track & Trace?

You can trace the parcel in Finland up to Oulu. For the Swedish leg of the journey, consignments can be tracked and traced by accessing Bussgods AB’s website at http://www.bussgods.se/ and selecting sök paket.


How do I know when the parcel arrives?

You will be notified by a text message or a e-mail given by the consignor.

Can I pick up the parcel without the arrival notification?


I’ve not received any notification. Where can I check if it has arrived?

If you know the consignment number, you can check Matkahuolto's website using the Track & Trace service or call Matkahuolto’s Parcel Services at 0800 132582 (Mon-Fri 7.00-21.00, Sat 9-17).

Can I pick up a parcel addressed to my husband?

Yes you can, but you must have a written collection authorisation and show proof of identity.

Can I claim the parcel simply by presenting the arrival notification?

The arrival notification is not enough for collection. You must also have an ID and a written authorisation to collect the parcel if it is not addressed to you.

I’ve received a consignment that I have to pay for. What methods of payment are accepted?

Matkahuolto’s outlets accept cash debit/credit cards, charge cards, Visa electron and the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard and Eurocard. Methods of payment accepted by Matkahuolto’s agents vary according to the agent.

I’ve received a parcel Cash On Delivery (COD). Can I check the contents of the parcel before paying for it?

The contents of the parcel can only be checked with the consignor’s permission which must be indicated in the parcel label.

Can parents pick up a parcel addressed to a minor child?

Yes but the parents have to show proof of identity.

For how long will my parcel be held?

In Finland, parcels are held for 14 days, after which they are returned to the consignor.

Is there a storage charge?

BusParcels, Delivery and Express Parcels are held free of charge for four days following the date when the arrival notification is sent. After that the storage charge is € 6,90 per workday.
Near Parcels are held for 14 days free of charge after which they are returned to the consignor.

Can I pick up a parcel directly on the bus?

A parcel sent as an Express Parcel can be picked up on the bus if the consignor has advised so. 

I’m expecting a parcel which is to be delivered to my home. Will I be notified of the time of delivery?

Yes. Private individuals will be notified in advance by a text message or phone call to agree on the time of delivery. 

Why wasn’t my parcel delivered to my nearest pick-up point?

Parcels are delivered to the pick-up point selected by the consignor. BusParcels and Express Parcels are delivered to Matkahuolto outlets. Near Parcels are delivered to Matkahuotlo outlets and Matkahuolto pick-up points.

With some mail-order and online stores, you can select the preferred pick-up point when placing the order. If you do not have this opportunity or do not select the carrier, the consignment will be sent to the default pick-up point in the area indicated by your postcode. Aside from a few exceptions, the default pick-up point is your nearest Matkahuolto outlet or pick-up point. 

I noticed that the contents of my parcel were damaged only after I got home. How can I claim compensation?

Contact your nearest Matkahuolto outlet within 7 days. You can fill the Claim for damages form on our webbiste.

If the damaged parcel contains items ordered from a mail-order or online store, contact the consignor. The consignor will take care of filing the claim for compensation or other appropriate action.

What happens to a parcel if I don’t collect it?

The parcel will be returned to the consignor. If the consignor fails to collect the parcel, it will be disposed of or put up for a public auction.


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