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Timetables and ticket purchase

Track & Trace consignments

Price lists for contract customers

The price is based on actual weight or volume weight (width x length x height x 250 kg), whichever price is higher. The price charged for consignments containing several parcels is determined according to the combined weight of the parcels. The Multi-Parcel extra service can be used to send a maximum of 10 parcels from a specific consignor to a specific consignee as a single consignment (5 parcels for Near Parcel and Home Delivery).

The maximum size of all parcels delivered at basic rate is 60 cm x 60 cm x 120 cm. The maximum length is 200 cm for a Near Parcel and 230 cm for other parcels. The Large surcharge will apply if even one of the parcels in the consignment exceeds the maximum size of 60 cm x 60 cm x 120 cm. The maximum weight is 30 kg for a Near Parcel and 55 kg for other parcels. The Heavy surcharge will apply if even one of the parcels in the consignment exceeds 35 kg.

Domestic rates are valid for deliveries within mainland Finland, from mainland Finland to Åland and from Åland to mainland Finland.  International rates are valid for deliveries from any location in Finland. The currently applicable value added tax and fuel surcharge will be added to the prices.


Fuel surcharge


Domestic rates

Parcels picked up from all Matkahuolto service outlets Near parcel
Max 60 x 60 x 120 cm

7,50 €/consignment+ 0,30 €/kg


Parcels picked up from Matkahuolto service outlets and agent outlets Bus freight Express freight
Max 60 x 60 x 120 cm

8,50 €/consignment+ 0,30 € / kg

17,90 €/consignment+ 0,65 €/kg


Parcels delivered to the customer's doorstep Delivery freight Home delivery
Max 60 x 60 x 120 cm 12,90 €/consignment+ 0,45 €/kg

14,90 €/consignment+ 0,45 €/kg

International rates

Parcels picked up from service outlets Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Benelux countires Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

17,90 €/consignment+ 0,80 €/kg

16,90 €/consignment+ 0,50 €/kg


Parches delivered to the customer’s doorstep Sweden Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

29,90 €/consignment+ 0,80 €/kg

19,90 €/consignment+ 0,50 €/kg


Domestic Services

Services Price €
Large (one kolli over 60 x 60 x 120 cm) 7,90 € / consignment
Heavy (one kolli over 35kg) 7,90 € / consignment
Supplementary insurance coverage 7,90 € / consignment
Cash-on-Delivery 6,00 € / consignment
Several parcels 2,00 € / pcs
LQ / ADR 7,90 € / consignment
Printing parcel label 1,80 €/ consignment
Arrival notification by paper 2,00 € / pcs
Pick-up/delivery 12,90 € / consignment+ 0,10 €/kg
Express parcel Pick-up/delivery 19,90 € / consignment+ 0,20 €/kg 



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