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Timetables and ticket purchase

Track & Trace consignments


1. Selection of the pick-up point

Your customer can select the preferred pick-up point when placing the order by using Matkahuolto’s map-based pick-up search. The service is also available in Estonia.


2. Quick delivery time

Matkahuolto offers a quick and efficient parcel delivery service. Optimally, deliveries are made on the day of the order or on the following day at the latest.


3. Extensive network

Matkahuolto operates Finland's most extensive network of service outlets.There are 1,200 Matkahuolto Service Points across Finland: Matkahuolto's own offices, Matkahuolto Agents and Matkahuolto Pick-up Points (K-Market, certain R-Kioskis, Tokmannis and various other companies).


4. Real time monitoring

Both you and your customer can monitor the progress of a parcel sent through Matkahuolto via the Internet using the parcel’s unique consignment number.


5. Real time arrival notification

When the parcel is ready to be collected, the recipient will receive an arrival notification from Matkahuolto by text or e-mail. Thanks to this notification, parcels carried by Matkahuolto are claimed quickly.


6. Long opening hours

Customers can claim parcels at their convenience. For example, K-Market and R-Kiosk are open from early in the morning to late in the evening on a 24/7 basis.


7. Safe delivery

Sending parcels through Matkahuolto is extremely safe. Damage in transit is exceptionally rare, thanks to careful handling and close monitoring. We make sure that the consignment is released to the right person by verifying the recipient’s identity before handing over the parcel.


8. A wide range of parcel sizes

Matkahuolto offers flexible weight and size specifications allowing you to send parcels bigger than standard. The maximum weight is 55 kg per parcel if delivered to a Matkahuolto outlet and 30 kg if delivered to a store.


9. Extra services

Matkahuolto offers an extensive range of additional services including collection, home deliveries, returns, the import and export of items as well as storage.


10. Designated contact person

When you enter into cooperation with Matkahuolto, a personal contact will be designated for you. He or she will attend to all matters pertaining to your business relationship with Matkahuolto.


11. Flexible contract terms

Becoming a Matkahuolto customer is extremely easy - contracts are uncomplicated and the terms flexible.


12. Competitive pricing

We offer you a truly competitive price and extremely cost-effective solutions for the delivery needs of your online store. According to a survey conducted by Taloustutkimus, a Finnish market research company (‘Sector-specific customer satisfaction survey 2012 – Goods transports in Finland by Oy Matkahuolto Ab’), Matkahuolto is the most competitive transport company in the country in terms of prices.



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